Published: 2019-05-15

Effect of Heating Fuel through the Upper Tank Radiator with Copper Pipes Against Torque and Power

Author/s : Endrika Wahidri, Erzeddin Alwi, Remon Lapisa

Pages : 7-18

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The Effect of Air Ionizers Installation on Motorcycle Performance

Author/s : Afdhal Zikri, Martias Martias, Toto Sugiarto

Pages : 19-28

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Ideal Distance of Commands on EASYVR for Smart House Control

Author/s : Achmad Iqbal, Risfendra Risfendra

Pages : 29-36

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Influence of Fuel Type Gasoline For Power, Torque, And Emissions On 4 Stroke Motorcycles

Author/s : Miki Tri Susanto, Andrizal Andrizal, Martias Martias

Pages : 37-46

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