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Vol 5 No 3 (2023): Motivection : Journal of Mechanical, Electrical and Industrial Engineering


Motivection : Journal of Mechanical, Electrical and Industrial Engineering, Volume 5 Number 3. This issue contains articles that have been accepted in the review stage. Articles have been published and can be accessed online according to each article's publication date.

Published: 2023-10-15

Method of Calculating the Forces on the 2D/3D Truss: A Review

Author/s : Mega Oktaviani, Delima Yanti Sari, Yolli Fernanda, Andril Arafat

Pages : 433-446

Full Text :

Design of Remote Monitoring Application on Non-Rechargeable Battery Redundant System

Author/s : Wahyudi Purnomo, Wahyu Adhie Candra, Gabriel Muhammad Manuel

Pages : 447-460

Full Text :

Effect of Temperature and Pressure on the Density of Organic Waste Briquettes

Author/s : Riky Satria, Yolli Fernanda, Refdinal Refdinal, Sri Rizki Putri Primandari

Pages : 461-472

Full Text :

Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Determining Control (HIRADC) in Mining Operations at PT Semen Padang

Author/s : Fadhilah Fadhilah, Elita Amrina, Risma Erwi Gusvita

Pages : 473-484

Full Text :

Design of Ammonia Gas Detection and Control Devices in Chicken Farms Based on Arduino Uno

Author/s : Arnawan Hasibuan, Muhammad Daud, Rahmat Andria, I Made Ari Nrartha, M Sayuti, Fajar Syahbakti Lukman

Pages : 485-500

Full Text :

The Influence of Coolant Fluid Variations on the Thermoelectric Generator Performance Utilizing Solar Radiation on Zinc Roof

Author/s : Khairul Rezki, Primawati Primawati, Ambiyar Ambiyar, Remon Lapisa

Pages : 501-512

Full Text :

Occupational Health and Safety Analysis Using HIRA and FTA Methods in the Silo Department of PT. XYZ

Author/s : Muhammad Maulidun Na’am, Deny Andesta, Elly Ismiyah

Pages : 523-534

Full Text :

School Library Innovation: Barcode Integration in the Laravel Platform at SD IT Adzkia 1 Padang

Author/s : Meri Azmi, Deddy Prayama, Eno Fitriyanti

Pages : 535-546

Full Text :

Calibration of Arduino-based Temperature Sensors for Parabolic Solar Collectors with Phase Change Material

Author/s : Ahmadi Ahmadi, Adi Setiawan, Gunawati Gunawati, Rozanna Dewi

Pages : 547-556

Full Text :

Experimental Study of Air-Water Heat Exchanger as a Passive Coolant in Air Vents

Author/s : Rafi Rahmat Ichsan, Remon Lapisa, Primawati Primawati, Budi Syahri

Pages : 557-570

Full Text :

Analysis of Damage to the PGM-FI System in Honda Beat Motorcycle for Maintenance Actions

Author/s : Viko Pradana Regia, Mukhnizar Mukhnizar, Rizal Abu

Pages : 583-592

Full Text :

High Blow-By Pressure Failure Quantification of Doosan Excavator DX300LCA Using Bayesian Network

Author/s : Abdul Maajid Al Banna, Adhitya Ryan Ramadhani

Pages : 593-606

Full Text :

Effect of Using a Solar Can Heater Collector on the Temperature of a Room at Several External Temperature Variations

Author/s : Willy Vernando, Andre Kurniawan, Refdinal Refdinal, Yolli Fernanda

Pages : 607-618

Full Text :

Design of Coal Hauling System for Optimized Detection of Coal Hauler Status Based on RFId

Author/s : Yoni Widhi Prihana, Mukhlishinurrahman Mukhlishinurrahman, Rosmelia Cipta Primandani

Pages : 619-634

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