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Vol 5 No 1 (2023): Motivection : Journal of Mechanical, Electrical and Industrial Engineering


Motivection : Journal of Mechanical, Electrical and Industrial Engineering, Volume 5 Number 1. This issue contains articles that have been accepted before February 2023. Articles have been published and can be accessed online according to each article's publication date.

Published: 2023-02-01

Observation of Flow Loss on Pneumatic Fly Ash Transport System in Cement Plant

Author/s : Muhammad Akhbar, Yolli Fernanda, Refdinal Refdinal, Arwizet K

Pages : 1-12

Full Text :

Study of Power Flow and Harmonics when Integrating Photovoltaic into Microgrid

Author/s : Robi Kurniawan, Muhammad Daud, Arnawan Hasibuan

Pages : 33-46

Full Text :

Comparative Study of Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Micro Hydro Power Plant in Nagari Koto Hilalang Solok Regency

Author/s : Khairuni Delfi Anisa, Arwizet K, Remon Lapisa, Mulianti Mulianti

Pages : 47-60

Full Text :

Layout Design Based on Capacity Planning at Mika MSMEs Using BOL Approach and BLOCPLAN Algorithm

Author/s : Tantya Dega Wahyu Maharani, Dida Diah Damajanti, Murni Dwi Astuti

Pages : 61-74

Full Text :

Study of Vibrating Screen Machine Damage in Stone Crusher and Its Effect on Production Loss in Cement Factory

Author/s : Kaspul Anuar, Herisiswanto Herisiswanto, Aqsal Fahrizqa

Pages : 75-84

Full Text :

Ceramic Armor as Protective Material in Defense Industry Product: A Literature Review

Author/s : Ary Lestari, Leni Tria Melati, Kasim Kasim, Jupriyanto Jupriyanto, George Royke Deksino

Pages : 101-112

Full Text :

Quality Control Analysis of Back Lock Product Using Six Sigma Method at PT Artria Widya

Author/s : Annisa Zalna Saputri, Fahriza Nurul Azizah

Pages : 113-126

Full Text :

Analysis of Citronella Oil Additive Mixing on Engine Performance on 4-Stroke Motorcycles

Author/s : M Nasir, Lasyatta Syaifullah, Rifdarmon Rifdarmon, Nuzul Hidayat

Pages : 127-138

Full Text :

Characteristics of Albizia Chinensis Wood Sawdust Briquette Product at High Compression Method

Author/s : Adam Mandra Suwandi, Yolli Fernanda, Ambiyar Ambiyar, Andril Arafat

Pages : 139-150

Full Text :

Car Air Conditioner System Simulator Design for Student Practicum

Author/s : Nuzul Hidayat, M Giatman, Mukhlidi Muskhir, Hansi Effendi, Ahmad Arif

Pages : 151-160

Full Text :

Analysis of Mental Workload in The Production Department PT. XYZ Using NASA-TLX Method

Author/s : Fajri Arinal Haq, Wahyudin Wahyudin, Fatmawati Pratiwi

Pages : 161-172

Full Text :

Risk Management Analysis in Container Yard Development Projects in Eastern Indonesia

Author/s : Prafajar Suksessanno Muttaqin, Nia Novitasari, Erlangga Bayu Setyawan

Pages : 173-186

Full Text :

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment of PT TKA Traksi Employees

Author/s : Milana Milana, Kevin Lisson Putra, Donny Fernandez, M. Yasep Setiawan

Pages : 187-194

Full Text :
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